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About Us

Front Sixth is a dental service organization dedicated to the profitability and growth of dental practices. In the ever changing business world of dentistry we believe that every practice needs a sixth man.

The fact is there’s simply too much to do and too much to master in a dental office that many of those pearls we learn about in seminars never become a part of the way we practice dentistry or run our offices. This fact keeps our practices from reaching high levels of success, efficiency and productivity. For some this reality is felt throughout their practicing years and for others it is felt at the time of their practice sale.

Here at Front Sixth we offer premium services that allow both of us to focus on one primary objective: increasing your production. Our services have been chosen based on the value of the information that we receive by providing them. This valuable is analyzed and then returned to you in the form of a push notification.

What’s a push notification? A push notification is a specific call to action. It is an evidence based directives specifically for your office.

Mission Statement

Front Sixth Dental Support Organization exists to provide administrative support to dentists and front office dental teams who share the vision of cloud based practice management software.  We utilize technology to help us focus on systems and results whose end goal is to share the ever increasing burden of managing a dental practice.

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